Music Theatre Professional

Sari Ann is a professional music theatre and voice artist. She graduated from the Finnish Theatre Academy with a Master’s degree in Music Theatre in 1998.

Before Theatre Academy, Sari Ann studied Music Education at the University of Jyväskylä and Voice Teaching at the Music Conservatory of Central Finland. Sari Ann set off for her journey to the world of music theatre already at the age of 16 at the Jyväskylä Music School.

Sari Ann’s career in professional theatre started at Jyväskylä City Theatre in 1988, where she performed until 1993 alongside her studies. She has also done roles in productions of Ryhmäteatteri in Helsinki (Idiot), Tampereen Teatteri in Tampere (Rent), UIT in Helsinki (Lisää Letkua), Turku City theatre (Thorin vasara), Teatteri Satakieli in Helsinki (Ain’t Misbehavin and Heavy Xmas), Helsinki City theatre (Rebecca), Comedy Theatre Arena (The Revue and Laughing Already! Ðrevue) and Music Theatre Palatsi (Moulin Rouge).